Miscellaneous Chips

This photo shows a few miscellaneous processors, and a IMSC011A 20 MHz link adapter.  Starting from the bottom and going left to right are two IMST414 20 MHz 32 bit non-floating point processors (see the Inmos B004 pictures for an earlier 15 MHz part).  The next row up is a T425 20MHz 32 bit non-floating point processor just to the left of the C011 link adapter.  The third row up us a progression of three T800 32 bit processors with floating point, starting with a 20MHz T800A, followed by a 17.5 Mhz (???), T800C, and finally a  20 MHz T800D.  The unmarked processor on the top row is apparently a 25Mhz IMST805A-G25S 32 bit processor with floating point.  Also see the other hardware pages for lots more photos of different processors and link adapters/interfaces.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.