Transputer Photos

During a basement cleaning project a number of boxes of Transputer-related "junk" were unearthed and some quick photos taken of a small selection of the material. If you remember sweating over this stuff, or merely want to waste some break time, feel free to look around. Note that most of these photos were taken "on the fly" without a copy stand. Anyone wishing to do a better job is welcome to inquire!

11/01/2009 NEWS - In response to several requests some of the documents illustrated in these pages have now been scanned (600 dpi B&W). See HERE for a complete listing, or look for the SCAN ARCHIVE link next to the individual documents.

Books, Journals, Conferences and User Groups

A Tutorial Introduction To OCCAM Programming by D. Pountain & D. May

NATUG Miscellaneous

Occam and the Transputer. A Workbook. Edited by A. E. Gore

Other User Groups and Conferences

Parallel Programming in C by D. Thiebaut

Transputer Communications

Hardware and CPU's

Miscellaneous Chips

Inmos B004 Transputer PC Card

Inmos B008 Transputer PC Card

Alta SuperLink/XL Transputer PC Card

CSA PART.1 and PART.2 Transputer PC Cards

CSA Transputer Kit PC Card

Microway Monoputer

Software and Hardware Reference Information

Creating Transputer Software

H1/T9000 Transputer Material

Inmos Literature

Instruction Set Fun

Third Party Literature